Thank you for showing interest in who I am and I am happy that you are here. I hope you find my progress interesting and aspiring. Read on…

Early Life

My past is history, more so made by the choices of my parents I was restricted to have choices or thoughts of my own. You do what you were told and nothing more or nothing less. For a long time I believed that this is how life was for everyone who was a child and lived with their parents.

I needed my freedom to construct my life, choices, and destiny. For this I needed to be free without the constant voices of my parents preventing me for doing what I felt was in my best interest at having a good life. After years of battle and struggle, I managed to break free and start a life of my own.

Professional Life

Today, I’m happy that I can pursue my dreams and passion. I’m an entrepreneur, author and aspiring humanitarian.

I’ve also built 6 Startups, Sold 2 and 3 Active. I’m determined to get on Forbes List of Entrepreneurs.

Working for Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett-Packard, Lennox International taught me a great deal about Entrepreneurship, scaling businesses and organisation politics. Driven by the limitations of large organisations, I pursued by dreams of being an Entrepreneur.